Dusty’s Landing is proud to offer Winter Storage Service. Dusty’s Landing has a team of full-time service technicians to meet your service, winterization, and shrink-wrap needs.

Dusty’s Landing offers personalized attention backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee.

What do you get with Dusty’s Landing Winter Storage?

  • Our Commitment to Quality
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Full Service
  • Competitive Prices

Winter Storage Contract (must be signed and returned to Dusty’s Landing)

Our Commitment to Quality

Dusty’s Landing is committed to providing the highest quality winter storage services to all of our customers. Being the largest marina on The Portage Lakes, out reputation is on the line each time we store or service a boat. We have been able to grow our business by building a large base of satisfied customers through providing quality service.

Qualified Personnel

Dusty’s Landing has a staff of experienced and well-trained personnel that can assist you in making the right decisions for the care and maintenance of your boat. Dusty’s Landing offers a knowledgeable sales staff, proficient administrative staff, experienced and factory-trained service technicians, experienced and reliable equipment operators, thorough quality assurance personnel, and a management staff focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Full Service

Dusty’s Landing offers complete winterization, shrink-wrap, and service for your boat. Whether it’s your fishing boat, a cruiser, or a high-performance boat – Dusty’s has the technicians, experience, and the tools to do the job right. In addition to our winterization programs, we offer a full range of maintenance and repair services.

Competitive Prices

Dusty’s Landing offers economical pricing to meet your storage needs. Repeat customers are our best indicator of the quality services and competitive pricing that we offer.